Dr. Samantha Reid


D.C. | BAKin

Dr. Samantha Reid is a passionate sports and fitness enthusiast, as well as a dedicated chiropractor. Throughout her athletic career Dr. Sam played a multitude of competitive and recreational sports; most notably she played rugby for Team Ontario and her University. Dr. Sam received a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology from Wilfrid Laurier University, which was where her passion for rehab began. While suffering multiple injuries on the field, she was able to experience the recovery process from an athlete’s point of view, and this was what drove her towards the other side of that scenario.

Dr. Sam proceeded to complete her 4 year Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College here in Toronto. While completing her degree she spent time working as an emergency first responder for youth sports, and an assistant trainer to a local Junior C hockey team.

Dr. Sam has a passion for headache management, discogenic pain (like sciatica), and incorporating proper form into all types of athletic endeavours. She treats many spinal disorders like neck and back pain, but also loves the unique challenges that accompany rehabilitating extremity injuries. She finds practicing in interdisciplinary clinics the most effective way for any health conscious person to recover from their injuries.

When Dr. Sam isn’t working she enjoys focusing on her own fitness and health via Olympic weightlifting, Crossfit, running, and volleyball.

** Please note that Dr. Sam is on sabbatical until September

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