Custom crafted
for ultimate comfort

Custom crafted
for ultimate comfort

Get the perfect fit for your feet.

3D foot scan

Your feet are 3D laser scanned in multiple positions for a precise 360 degree model

Fully customized

Choose materials, colours, and supportive add-ons with expert guidance


Machined and hand finished with care, your feet are unique and so are your orthotics
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Custom bracing for better joint comfort

Breathable, slim, made-to-measure or off-the-shelf brace options to improve joint stability without sacrificing comfort, performance or style.
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asked questions

  • What is the process for getting orthotics or a custom brace?

    Here are the steps to get custom orthotics:

    • Get a prescription for orthotics from a physician (only needed for insurance reimbursement)

    • Book an appointment for a fitting

    • Order is submitted to our lab (full payment required)

    • Orthotics arrive in ~2 weeks (longer during holiday season) but rush orders are available for an extra fee

    • Biomechanical gait analysis and manufacturing forms are provided (must be submitted to insurance for reimbursement)

    Here are the steps to get a custom brace:

    • Get a prescription for custom bracing from a physician (only needed for insurance reimbursement for custom bracing and certain brace types)

    • No appointment needed for off-the-shelf braces (or book an appointment for custom braces)

    • Order is submitted to our supplier (full payment required)

    • Receipt is provided for insurance reimbursement

    • Brace arrives in a few days for most products and longer for custom orders

  • Do you direct bill to insurance for orthotics or bracing?

    Insurance companies require that certain forms must be filled out and submitted in order to approve a claim for either custom orthotics or bracing. Because of this, these products are not eligible for direct billing to insurance. We provide a receipt at the time of your appointment that you can submit manually for reimbursement.

  • Do I need a referral from a physician?

    Yes. Almost all insurance companies require a prescription for orthotics or custom bracing by a physician (in some cases a Chiropractor can provide this as well, depending on your insurance plan).

    If you don't have one already, we recommend booking with our sports doctor, Dr. Minhas, prior to an orthotics or custom brace fitting.

  • What practitioner should I book with for my orthotics fitting?

    This will depend on your insurance coverage. Some insurance companies will only reimburse for orthotics if they are dispensed by certain disciplines such as a chiropractor or physiotherapist. We recommend that you check your insurance plan as each plan is unique. In general, you can check below for recommendations by certain insurance providers:

    • BlueCross: no restrictions

    • SunLife: Chiropractor

    • GreenShield: Chiropractor

    • CanadaLife: no restrictions

    • Manulife: varies by plan

    • Group Health: no restrictions

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