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Our hours are:

  • Monday-Thursday: 8am-8pm
  • Friday: 8am-5pm
  • Saturday: By appointment

Please visit our booking page for up to date pricing.

There is paid Green-P street parking nearby on Merchants’ Wharf. 

If no spots are available, there are a few paid parking lots – directly across the street from Kinetic Labs, underground in the Monde building, and underground in any of the waterfront condos across the street (Aqualina, Aquavista).

Our rehabilitation and massage appointments are covered under Physiotherapy/Chiropractic and Massage Therapy respectively.  Our Movement Analysis session may be covered under Physiotherapy/Chiropractic depending on which therapist you visit.

Yes, we can direct bill to most insurance providers. You will receive a detailed e-receipt after each visit.

Yes, we accept motor vehicle accident claims (MVA). We do not currently take WSIB or OHIP rehabilitation cases.
We do not provide imaging or testing services onsite, however our sports medicine physician can provide a requisition if needed.

Our sport medicine physician – Dr. Minhas – works remotely on-call. Please call or email us your available times. We will then schedule a consult at a time that works best for both of you.

Yes. There are many reasons why it is best to get a re-assessment when seeing a different provider. Each therapist treats differently and is required to do their own evaluation when seeing a new patient. A thorough assessment is important to make sure no key details get missed so that you can recover faster. Most insurance companies will also reimburse more for the initial assessment.

Insurance companies require that certain forms must be filled out and submitted in order to approve a claim for either custom orthotics or bracing. Because of this, these products are not eligible for direct billing to insurance. We provide a receipt at the time of your appointment that you can submitted manually for reimbursement.


We treat most injuries that involve the musculoskeletal system (muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, nerves, etc). If you are unsure of your injury, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll let you know how we can help.

Our staff are experienced physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and biomechanists. All have professional training, are fully licensed, and have undergone further internal training to provide you with a consistently great experience. You can choose any of our therapists to work with to help you reach your goals.

Typically when you see a physiotherapist, chiropractor or massage therapist, your first visit is an assessment. This may include observing your range of motion, muscle strength and movement patterns. This approach relies heavily on outdated tools to identify potential issues.

Range of motion of a joint is usually assessed visually or with a goniometer – a tool used to measure joint angles. Studies show that the precision of a goniometer is highly dependent on the individual tester, and errors can range from 5-10 degrees between each measurement reading. Movement quality is also difficult to assess visually due to the number of variations and compensations that can occur during a single motion.

At Kinetic Labs, we combine technology – such as our markerless motion capture system that accurately detects your biomechanics – and expert care to improve your recovery. We believe this combination is the future of musculoskeletal injury and rehabilitation and we’re determined to lead the way.

Yes! Our physiotherapist Katie Yamamoto is experienced in treating a variety of pelvic health issues, including pelvic pain conditions, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence and urgency.

Our focus is on helping you return to your activities. We may use a variety of techniques or products to help you get there. This may include exercise, acupuncture, soft tissue release, manual therapy, orthotics and bracing.

Your recovery time is very individual and relies on several factors. In general, minor problems may be resolved within 4-6 sessions, moderate problems in 6-12 sessions, and complex problems taking up to 20 sessions. Your therapist will provide you with a personalized recovery plan to help meet your goals.

We are direct access healthcare professionals that do not require a referral. However, some insurance plans require a referral before covering the costs of your session. We recommend checking your coverage.


Our registered massage therapists are direct access providers but your insurance company may require a physician referral to reimburse for your sessions. We advise checking your benefits plan prior to booking. We also have a sport medicine physician on staff who can provide a referral is needed.

The first visit includes a short assessment and screening so your RMT can understand you and your unique issue. We recommend booking a minimum 45-60 minutes for the initial visit.

This will be dependent on your specific issue. Your registered massage therapist will provide guidance and recommendations. In general, many people find regular massage, such as monthly, to be helpful in feeling and moving their best.


Our camera system uses computer vision and machine learning to accurately map a skeleton onto your body. The precision of this body mapping process is around 99%, translating to a variance of <1mm between sessions. It takes <3 seconds to complete this process. The software can then record joint angles, joint velocity, center of gravity and more. A five second recording can generate 30,000+ data points about your movement. 

Please bring the following to your session:

  • Clean, bright coloured or light running shoes
  • Tight-fitting, bright coloured clothing (shorts and tank top or t-shirt)
  • Hair elastic (if necessary)


Please avoid wearing black, white or green coloured clothing as it may blend with the background and affect the movement tracking.

Yes. Visits can be claimed under your Extended Health Benefits because a consult with your Chiropractor or Physiotherapist is included.

Yes. If you are interested in partnering with us, please email us at business@kineticlabs.ca

Specialty Programs

To start a program, please book an initial assessment with either a physiotherapist or chiropractor.

In the intake forms, there is a dropdown to select the specialty program that you are interested in starting.

This program is designed for individuals who want to jump start their activity:

  • Maintain your fitness level
  • Injury prevention
  • Work on chronic injuries
  • Address minor or nagging stiffness, aches, and pains

If you have a specific condition or injury or require hands-on therapy, please book a Physiotherapy or Chiropractic assessment.

The program includes:


** You will be charged each visit at the time of the appointment, except for the complimentary Baseline Movement Analysis session. We direct bill to most insurance companies or you will be provided with a receipt to submit to your insurance (under Physiotherapy or Chiropractic). If you do not complete all 6 sessions within the package, you will be charged the full cost of the Baseline Movement Analysis.


The Running Program is a structured 6-12 week program where you can choose from the following distances:

  • 5K
  • 10K
  • Half Marathon
  • Full Marathon


The program includes six 30-minute physiotherapy or chiropractic visits and one complementary running gait analysis.

Your Running Analysis visit includes a full body biomechanical gait assessment on a treadmill in our 3D markerless motion capture system. This system identifies your unique movement patterns as you run, showing you potential movement issues and highlighting areas throughout your body that can be improved, including:

  1. Cadence
  2. Step Width
  3. Step Length
  4. Pelvic Drop
  5. Hip Adduction
  6. Trunk Lean
  7. Center of Gravity (Vertical Displacement)


After the treadmill running gait analysis, we test the strength of important muscle groups needed during running.

  • Knee Extension
  • Knee Flexion
  • Hip Extension
  • Hip Abduction
  • Ankle Plantarflexion


All of these insights are combined into an easy to understand report as well as personalized recommendations that you can work on to improve your running technique.

Everyone’s recovery journey is different and depends on many factors. However, it is well established in the research that returning to sports prior to 9 months after surgery is not recommended. We designed our ACL program around this timeline to ensure a safe return to activity.

This program is based on our clinical expertise, personal experience and the latest research in ACL rehabilitation. We are one of the only clinics in Canada to provide many of the latest technologies used in professional sports teams and cutting edge research laboratories (biomechanical movement analysis, force dynamometry, etc).

Much of the latest research on ACL rehabilitation uses similar technology to improve recovery and accurately monitor recovery. You can be assured that you are receiving top notch care to help you get back 100%.

This program is appropriate for anyone who has sustained an ACL tear, regardless if they are pursuing a non-operative or operative treatment plan.

What is included:

** Minimum appointment commitment applies to receive free session

This program is designed for individuals who have an acute concussion or post concussion syndrome (PCS).

A concussion is a functional injury that is caused by a rapid acceleration and deceleration of the brain. As the brain moves back and forth in the skull, there is a “stretch/shearing” force applied to the brain’s tissues. This causes immediate hyperactivity of the nerve cells in what is deemed the “excitatory phase” of concussion, and is characterized by dizziness, disorientation, and other common symptoms seen directly after impact. Over the next hours/days, this hyperactivity is followed by the “spreading depression phase”, a period of low energy as the brain recovers from the initial injury.

Common symptoms include headache, nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, sensitivity to light and noise, and difficulty concentrating, among others. After a few days, energy levels begin to recover, returning to normal within a few weeks.

In about 70% of concussions, the majority of symptoms will resolve in around 7-10 days. However, the research has shown that it can take anywhere from 21-30 days for the brain to fully recover. During this time, the brain is extremely vulnerable to further injury, so it is important to understand that the resolution of symptoms can occur before true recovery.

In the other 30% of concussions, symptoms can persist anywhere from weeks, to months, to years. This can be due to blood flow abnormalities, metabolic/inflammatory disturbances, visual and/or vestibular dysfunction, injuries to the cervical spine (neck), and psychological factors. The good news is, all of these factors can be evaluated and rehabilitated with the help of a trained health care professional.

The first session is a 60 minutes assessment with your therapist and includes an in-depth examination of your concussion history, work/life/sport environment, vestibular/visual and proprioceptive systems, musculoskeletal issues, your specific goals and more.

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