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Detect asymmetries and risk factors before they become an issue.

Move Better.

Moving well is key to feeling good.

When your body moves well you can do more of the things you love. But how do you know if your body is moving the way it’s supposed to? 

With our in-depth movement screen using 3D motion-capture technology, we can help you pinpoint the root cause so you can feel better and prevent future injuries.


Cutting-Edge Tech.

The science behind the technology.

sports baseline movement analysis with 3d motion capture technology toronto

3D Motion Capture

Eight high-speed cameras record 360 degrees of movement in real-time using deep learning and computer vision.

force bar strength testing

Muscle Testing

Isolate individual muscle groups with our custom ForceBar™ to quantify muscle strength and rate of force output.


Data Analysis

Your unique movement signature is captured and compare your results to similar, age-matched people.

Analyze Any Activity.

Movement analysis for any activity and sport.

3D baseline movement analysis toronto

Baseline Movement

Determine any asymmetries or imbalances, identify risk factors for injury, and track your progress. 

running injury physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage therapy in Toronto

Running Gait

Find your unique running pattern to help you fine tune your running technique and prevent common running injuries.



Analyze sport-specific movement patterns to optimize and improve your sports performance.

See How You

Unlock insights about your joint mobility, muscle strength and body symmetry that will improve your performance and keep you moving injury free – whether you are a weekend warrior or competitive athlete.

See How You Compare.

Find out where you rank compared to others across our growing database of standardized movements and muscle strength tests.

See How To

Your movement analysis report identifies injury risk factors and provides insights to help you perform better. In depth analytics helps pinpoint your unique movement patterns and postural asymmetries.


$ 195
  • 90-minute analysis with a physiotherapist
  • Direct billing to extended health insurance
  • Baseline, running or sport-specific analysis
  • Includes analysis, report, exercises + recommendations


$ 99 per year
  • Up to 10% off all services
  • 60-minute movement analysis with specialist
  • Recovery sessions to use specialty equipment
  • Community events, partner discounts and more

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