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Member pricing

Get up to 10% off all services including physiotherapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy.

Annual baseline

Complimentary yearly movement analysis to detect your symmetry, mobility or strength issues.

Recovery access

Get access to gym sessions and specialty equipment as part of your recommended care plan.

Start your journey

Your journey starts with a commitment to taking care of your body. Just as an athlete trusts their support circle to keep them healthy, our team is here to guide you to optimal movement health. 

With an annual membership, we’re committed to supporting you through any aches and pains and to keep you feeling your best year round.

asked questions

  • How do I sign up?

    To sign-up, give us a call to have one of our staff activate your membership on our end.

    A valid credit card is stored on file and billed annually from the date you sign up ($99 + HST).

  • What discounts do I get?

    Our current member rates are listed below:

    Massage Therapy

    • 30 min – ($64 + HST)

    • 45 min – ($82 + HST)

    • 60 min – ($99 + HST)

    • 90 min – ($144 + HST)


    • Assessment or Re-Assessment – ($120)

    • 30 min Treatment – ($84)


    • Assessment or Re-Assessment – ($120)

    • 30 min Treatment – ($84)


    * Membership rates are subject to change without notice, but will always be lower than our normal rates

  • How do the recovery sessions work?

    The Recovery Sessions give you access to book our gym area to use our specialty equipment as part of your care plan from your physiotherapist or chiropractor. These sessions are exclusive to members and can be booked for free if attending a weekly in-person appointment or just $10+HST per week if not:

    • Limit of one 60 minute recovery session per day

    • Currently attending therapy for an active care plan with a therapist at Kinetic Labs

    • Equipment and exercises performed during these sessions are recommended as part of your active care plan

    Recovery Sessions can be booked by the week, non-consecutively, and with no minimum length contracts (i.e. you can pay for one week at the beginning of the month, skip the next two weeks and then pay for the last week of the month to access the gym.)

  • Can family members use my membership?

    You can add family members from the same household to your membership for only $49 per year, each. They will get all the member perks including discounts, baseline screens and recovery sessions.

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