Swing like a pro.

Drive your game to the next level with a
3D golf fitness and movement screen.

Swing like a pro.

Drive your game to the next level with a
3D golf fitness and movement screen.

Analyze your golf game

See your unique swing

Dive deep into the movements that impact your golf swing with state-of-the-art 3D biomechanical analysis.

See how you compare

Discover your golf fitness level and get
an understanding of your movement compared to others.
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See how to improve

Your personalized 3D golf movement analysis report identifies potential areas for improvement and offers strategic recommendations for enhancing your game.

Next-gen golf screen

Eight high-speed cameras record 360 degrees of your golf swing and related movements in real-time using deep learning and computer vision.

Quantify strength for individual muscle groups important for golf performance and injury prevention with our custom ForceBar™.

Your unique motor control and golf-specific fitness tests are identified and insights are provided that will help your golf game.


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This is what you can expect in your 60 minute session:

  1. Review of your health history and goals

  2. Perform golf-specific motor control and fitness testing

  3. Perform muscle strength testing

  4. Perform 3D motion capture testing of your movement and swing

  5. Review the golf analysis results and receive report to your email

We also recommend booking a follow-up 30 minute appointment with your physio to discuss the creation of a plan to tackle any issues that are identified in the initial golf analysis session.

Our camera system uses computer vision and machine learning to accurately map a skeleton onto your body. The precision of this body mapping process is around 99%, translating to a variance of <1mm between sessions. It takes <3 seconds to complete this process. The software can then record joint angles, joint velocity, center of gravity and more. A five second recording can generate 30,000+ data points about your golf swing. 

Our golf analysis combines well known golf movement screens with the latest research and our unique technology.

Yes, we recommend you bring your 7 iron for the swing analysis.

Please bring the following to your session:

  • Clean, bright or light coloured running shoes

  • Tight-fitting, bright coloured clothing (shorts and tank top or t-shirt)

  • Hair elastic (if necessary)

Please avoid wearing black or similar coloured shorts and shirt as it may be difficult for the cameras to detect your movement accurately.

Yes. Visits can be claimed under your Extended Health Benefits because a consult with your Chiropractor or Physiotherapist is included.

Optimize your golf swing.

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