Our story.

Kinetic Labs was designed from the ground up with a mission to bring elite care to the everyday athlete.
Physiotherapists Katie Yamamoto and Corey Persic, both graduates of the University of Toronto, were no strangers to the rehabilitation process after an athletic injury. Corey, a former elite powerlifter and record holder, and Katie, a former NCAA springboard diver, became increasingly frustrated by the gap in treatment options between elite athletes and the general public. Leveraging their online education platform, the pair traveled around the world learning about the newest research from top minds in the field. They found that most of this research was applied in professional sports settings but took years to make it to your local neighbourhood clinic.

From this, Kinetic Labs was born: a state-of-the-art clinic with the latest technology and equipment, and staffed with a passionate and experienced group of clinicians.
Kinetic Labs Physiotherapy, Chiropractor and Massage Therapy
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