Jessica Schezar

Client Experience Coordinator

BA Kinesiology and Health Sciences | BA Dance

Jessica received an Honours Bachelors in Kinesiology and Health Sciences from York University. Before that, she received a Bachelor in Dance along with a Teacher’s Degree in Arts from the University of Campinas in Brazil.

Jessica has worked as a professional and competitive dancer, as well as a choreographer and dance teacher for many years. She worked with people of all ages, teaching classical ballet, contemporary and jazz dance. Based on her own experiences, she knows the importance of great rehabilitation and injury prevention programs. She has suffered from many injuries throughout her dancer career, and that is the reason why she developed a great interest in kinesiology and rehabilitation. In her Dance program, Jessica developed qualitative research with children from NGOs in Brazil, in which she analyzed the use of imagery for better assimilation and movement learning in dance. This research resulted in a publication at the International Journal of Music and Performing Arts. She was also a member of the UNESCO International Dance Council during 2016 and 2017.

In her free time, she enjoys dancing, cycling, reading, watching TV shows, and playing video games.