Andrew Ghaly


MScPT | MSc (Physiology and Pharmacology)

Andrew is a Registered Physiotherapist who is passionate about performance health and injury rehabilitation. He travelled to Australia to complete a Master of Physiotherapy degree at the University of Sydney. During his time in Australia he worked at a clinic that specialized in runners and active populations while also playing American football and winning three state championships with his team.

Prior to his time in Australia, Andrew completed his Master of Science at the University of Western Ontario specializing in Physiology, with his Master’s research project being published in Pediatric Research.

Having played football and rugby for most of his life, Andrew is no stranger to injury. He is acutely aware of the physical and mental challenges that patients face when injured, and he applies that firsthand knowledge to his work. He has a special interest in ACL rehab having recovered from this surgery himself in 2019.

In his free time, Andrew can be found weightlifting, boxing, yelling at an NFL game or making a mean cocktail.