Our therapists combine their knowledge of rehabilitation and running biomechanics to guide you through a personalized, 6 to 12 week progressive running program.

Choose your running goal.

Up to 50% of runners experience a running related injury each year. 

Our programs are designed with injury prevention in mind. Whether your goal is to race in a marathon or simply to run around your neighbourhood, our training programs gradually build up your tolerance so you can run injury free.

The 5km distance is great for all levels of runners. This is a walk/run program that is great for new runners or even those recovering from injury.

Whether you have previously run 10km or are just starting out, our beginner and advanced training programs can help get you up to speed. It is recommended that you are currently running 3 times per week and can run continuously for 5km prior to starting this program.

This 12-week plan is for recreational runners who want to push their limits. It is recommended that you are currently running 3 times a week and can run 10-km continuously.

Just finished a race? We have a more advanced 24 week program to get you ready for the next one.

At 42.2km, the marathon is a big accomplishment for any runner. Experienced runners should be able to run a half marathon continuously (~21km) and be currently running 3 times per week to safely train for this program.

Just finished a race? We have a more advanced 24 week program to get you ready for the next one.

What's Included?

Program Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is designed for individuals who want to start running or those who have a specific running goal in mind.

If you have a specific condition or running-related injury that requires hands-on therapy, please book a Physiotherapy or Chiropractic assessment.

The first session is a 60 minutes assessment with your therapist to go through your goals, running history, previous injuries, overall health and more. In this first session, your therapist will create an individualized program to help you safely reach your running goals.

Each subsequent session is 30 minutes long (5 total). These are one-on-one, in-person active sessions, conducted in our semi-private gym under the supervision of your therapist. These sessions can be done weekly, every two weeks or even once a month depending on the overall length of your running program (usually between 6-24 weeks total). 

The complimentary Running Gait Analysis is one hour long with our Biomechanist. We recommend booking this session after your first visit. The results from the gait analysis help personalize your exercise program. 

Once the package is purchased, you will be able to book individual appointments as usual (online, in-person or by phone). Our scheduling software keeps track of the remaining sessions in your package.

You will be charged for your appointment at the time of each visit, except for the complimentary Running Gait Analysis session.

We can direct bill to most  insurance companies or alternatively a receipt will be emailed to you after each appointment that you can submit to your insurance (under Physiotherapy or Chiropractic). 

If you do not complete all 6 sessions within the package, you will be charged the full cost of the Running Gait Analysis.

We take great care to maintain strict cleaning and safety procedures. All gym equipment that will be used during the session is thoroughly sanitized between sessions. We also have COVID screening, physical distancing, proper personal protective equipment (PPE), and staggered appointments in place.