Custom Foot Orthotics,
Bracing and More.

Custom, comfortable and supportive.

We carry only the best products for athletes and active individuals – from custom fit foot orthotics and knee braces to off the shelf bracing and compression garments.

Bracing and compression garments.

Find the ideal brace for any injury, any joint and any sport. We have a wide selection of medical compression garments – including socks, pantyhose, gauntlets, arm sleeves and more – that are helpful for sports performance, joint swelling, venous disease and lymphedema.

Custom foot orthotics.

Get the perfect fit for your foot. We capture your feet using the latest 3D scanning technology.
Orthotics can help with the following issues:
– Plantar fasciitis
– Knee pain
– Flat feet and high arches
– Foot and heel pain
– And more

Frequently Asked Questions

We use a 3D Occipital Scanner: Non-weight bearing 3D volumetric cast in subtalar neutral using an infrared structured light scanner with an Occipital Structure Sensor Serial #:37520-OG-1311.  The resulting image is then skived via CAD modeling software, where the necessary adjustments and corrections are made.  Upon completion of the digital modeling process by the Pedorthist, the information is sent to a Precision CAD/CAM Carving Mill to produce the orthotic.

Since our orthotics are custom made to your foot, they sometimes require small adjustments for the optimal fit. We take care of any adjustments you need within the first 30 days, free of charge.

Most insurance companies require a prescription from a physician to reimburse for orthotics.

If you need a referral, please call us to book a consult with our sport medicine physician.

Please check your insurance plan to ensure you see a clinician that is covered to dispense orthotics.

Both our physiotherapists and chiropractors are trained to dispense orthotics.