Rehab. Redefined.

Changing the Rehab Industry

Our purpose is to move the entire rehab industry forward. We aim to do this by changing the way rehab is delivered, utilizing state-of-the-art technology combined with personalized one-on-one care. We focus on improving outcomes rather than increasing visits, and arm people with the knowledge and insights to optimize their movement and take control of their health.

Personalized Rehab

We take a holistic approach by exploring biological, psychological and social factors that can impact your health and recovery. Kinetic Labs uses the latest technology to measure objective data about your movement and health. This allows our team to provide individualized care instead of a one size fits all approach.

Proactive care

The current healthcare system is reactive. Our goal is to move towards a predictive system. We know that persistent pain and sports injury risk can be predicted to some degree. To do so, we measure variables that are known to increase your risk, so we can intervene before problems occur.

Improved communication

No more waiting or being in the dark about your health. We provide you with your unique health insights. As a member, you have secure access to your therapist to ask questions and see your custom treatment plans directly through our mobile app.

Subjective exam listening to patient

Outcomes Driven

We focus on health outcomes not visit volume. We do this by flipping the traditional business model of healthcare from transaction-based to value-based. While we do offer single visits, we recommend our membership model that focuses on you, providing continuous care to help you stay healthy, recover from injury and achieve your functional goals.

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