tennis player motion capture skeleton


Move Better.

Is your movement optimized for your goals?

Our Baseline Movement Analysis uses state of the art technology to give accurate insights into how you move. 

Determine any asymmetries or imbalances, identify risk factors for injury, improve sport performance, or monitor progressive conditions. We customize the movements analyzed based on your specific goals.

Whatever your profession, sport, or lifestyle. We’ve got you covered.

1. Movement Analysis
Detect range of motion, movement asymmetries, and your unique biomechanics. See how you compare to others.
2. Strength Testing
Strong muscles are protective against overuse injuries. We test the strength of muscle groups needed during your specific activity.
3. Personalized Insights
Discover your unique movement patterns, how they impact your risk for injury, and how to improve them to perform at your best.

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Analytics in your pocket.

Your movement report is available instantly so you can track changes over time. Our movement specialist will take you through your results and highlight areas of interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

In general, if you are uninjured but would like to stay in control of your health, we recommend our Baseline Movement Analysis. If you are dealing with pain or an injury, we recommend seeing a physiotherapist or chiropractor through our sports injury therapy stream.

Our software uses deep learning for computer vision to create a digital skeleton that is superimposed on your body in realtime. It takes <3 seconds to complete this process. The software can then record joint angles, joint velocity, center of gravity and more. A five second recording can generate 30,000+ data points about your movement.  

Our camera system uses computer vision and machine learning to accurately map a skeleton onto your body. The precision of this body mapping process is around 99%, translating to a variance of <1mm between sessions.

Please bring the following to your session:

  • Clean, bright or light coloured running shoes
  • Fitted, bright coloured athletic clothing (shorts and tank top or t-shirt)
  • Hair elastic (if necessary)

Please avoid wearing patterned, black, white or green coloured clothing as it may blend with the background and affect the movement tracking.

If you are currently injured or are experiencing pain, we recommend seeing one of our therapists to get assessed beforehand.

Some of the functional movements include jumping and single-leg hopping which may increase your pain if you are currently injured. However, we can skip or substitute any movements that you are uncomfortable performing and still detect useful insights.

Yes. Visits can be claimed through your Extended Health Benefits under Physiotherapy.

Yes! Our Baseline is similar to the testing done within professional sports teams. For example, the soccer club Arsenal F.C. uses similar motion capture and strength testing technology with their athletes.

We can also create custom movements based on your specific sport. Please contact us for more information.